What is included in the scope of work

Preparatory work

Dismantling of existing finishing materials and equipment (doors, plumbing), garbage disposal. Performed if necessary - additional work to the base cost (individual estimated miscalculation after the inspection of the facility)

Search for a planning solution (2-3 options)

Album of working drawings (including electrical project)


Waterproofing device in the bathroom and in the kitchen

Floor leveling

Finishing leveling layer (leveling screed)

Laying the finishing material (laminate / parquet board / engineering board)

Skirting Installation

Threshold setting


The construction of internal walls. Performed if necessary - additional work to the base cost

Stucco walls on lighthouses

Preliminary putty / fiberglass pasting / finishing putty

Plaster and putty of slopes


Two-layer water-based paint

Installation of interior doors with handles and platbands

Installation of ceiling cornices

The ceilings

White matte stretch ceiling made of PVC film allows you to create a perfectly smooth surface.

There is an additional option to replace the film stretch ceiling with a fabric or plasterboard ceiling.


Device for distributing hot and cold water pipes from shut-off taps, distributing sewage pipes from risers to points of installed plumbing fixtures, a washing machine, a dishwasher and a sink in the kitchen

Installation of a revision hatch for the bathroom

Bathroom installation

Installation of a shower rack with a watering can and mixer

Installing a cabinet with a sink

Installing the faucet on the sink

Installation of a floor toilet

Installation of a heated towel rail (water / electric - optional)

Laying tiles

Installation of ventilation grilles

Mirror mounting

Installation of a hidden hatch for access to risers

Electrics and Light

Replacing all electrical accessories with a new one + replacing single sockets with double sockets

Installing a cartridge on existing leads under lights on the ceiling

Installation of built-in moisture-proof lamps in the bathroom (4-6 pcs.)

Installation of moisture-proof sockets in the bathroom (2 pcs.)

Management and quality control

Purchase of finishing materials and equipment

Delivery and pick up

Project management (regular site visits - 4-6 visits per month)

Quality control of work performed by a technical supervision specialist

Executive documentation


Construction waste removal

Installation of plastic window sills

Construction cleaning

Fine cleaning

Full list of finishing materials and equipment

Laminate 32 class / 33 class / parquet board / engineering board (option)

Floor plastic / MDF / polyurethane baseboards (optional)

Porcelain floor tiles in the bathroom (depending on the chosen style)

Wall tiles in the bathroom

Interior doors with fittings

Ceiling polyurethane cornices ("Classic Style")

Ventilation grates

Stretch white, matte ceilings

Built-in waterproof luminaires in the bathroom

Plumbing: acrylic bathtub and shower column with watering can and faucet, washbasin with faucet, floor toilet, mirror

Electrical accessories: sockets and switches

Electric / water heated towel rail (optional)

Warranty for all construction and installation works - 2 years.
Balconies / loggias are not included in the price indicated on the site. We can only calculate them after inspecting the facility.