Questions and answers

1.In which cities do you provide FIX Repair services?

At the moment we are working in New York.

3.What does a design project look like?

Look example of an album of working drawings.

4.Where can I see photos of finished apartments?

Look photos of finished apartments.

5.Can I order repairs in one room?

No, our design projects are standardized, and the cost of work per square meter is calculated taking into account the repair in all rooms of the apartment - with a total area of ​​at least 325 sqft.

6.Can I live in an apartment during the repair?

No, because repairs take place in all rooms at the same time. We will be able to meet the agreed deadlines to return to our renovated apartment.

7.Do you give a guarantee for repairs?

Yes, the repair warranty is 2 years. The guarantee for equipment and finishing materials is provided by our suppliers, and its terms depend on the specific position.

8.Is it possible to split the payment into several parts?

Yes! The payment plan for our services: 60% upon signing the contract, 30% upon acceptance of the draft stage of work and 10% upon acceptance of the White Box work. With 100% prepayment, a 3% discount is provided!

9.Can I put my plumbing / doors / flooring / tile / windows?

Window replacement is not included in the list of basic finishes, but if desired, the customer can order an additional option and install them before the start of repair work. We select the rest of the materials and equipment ourselves from trusted suppliers, which allows us to guarantee the quality of repairs and meeting the deadlines for its implementation.

10.Can I order an apartment renovation in the "old" fund?

Due to the fact that the houses of the "old" fund differ significantly in condition, layout and other parameters, our specialists will need to leave for an apartment for inspection. After that, we can finally answer this question. We are ready to work with all types of houses, except for houses with wooden floors.

11.Is it possible to order kitchen furniture from you?

We did not work on furniture. One of the tasks of our service is to create a “white sheet” for the easy realization of all the fantasies for arranging your home. This service will become available.

12.Are there other options for materials - plumbing, doors?

Yes, you can talk to our manager. We have many position of material.

13.Can I choose the color of the Scandinavian style wall to repair the classic style?

All stylistic solutions in each design project are carefully selected to achieve the best result. This applies to the combination of colors and the use of certain materials. We recommend using only colors and materials of the same style, and are always ready to listen to your wishes.

14.Can I choose different wall colors for different rooms in the apartment?

Yes it is possible.

15.Can I attach a balcony to the living area of ​​the apartment?

We do not provide such an option, as this affects the capital construction of the house and is prohibited by law.

16.How many bathrooms are included in the default apartment repair cost? How much will it cost to repair an additional bathroom?

The standard calculation is based on the availability of one bathroom in the apartment. For an apartment with two bathrooms, you need to send the layout to calculate the additional cost.

17.Are you doing a remodel?

Yes, we are ready to complete the redevelopment of the apartment for you as part of the work on the album of drawings, which we perform as a gift for all customers! The main requirement is that this layout must be legal.

18.Are you in charge of redevelopment coordination?

We provide advice on the possibility of reconciling redevelopment and helping to obtain formal approvals.

19.Is it possible to make repairs in an apartment in a new house, without decoration??

Yes, for this you need to choose the additional work that is required in your apartment - electrical wiring, rough floor screed and the construction of internal walls.

20.Where can I find the privacy policy?

You can read our Privacy Policy on the page FixRepairs policy

21.Did not find an answer to your question? Write to us.