Finish Style: Scandinavian
The total cost: 667450 $

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Repair calculator

1. Apartment Options

Apartment Area, sqft;

Number of rooms

Additional work

Cost taking into account the area of ​​the apartment

Repair cost is calculated from three parts - the base cost, the cost of additional work and the cost of additional options. The base price depends on the area and parameters of the apartment, it includes:

Planning and architectural design

Purchase and delivery of all materials to the facility

Executive documentation

All draft and finishing materials: flooring; Wall paint; interior doors and baseboards; stretch ceiling; in the bathroom: plumbing, heated towel rail, ceramic tiles on the floor and walls, mirror; electrical fittings

All construction work

Project management and quality control

Construction and finishing cleaning

Garbage removal

2. Finish style

Scandinavian style

Restrained and concise
1 2 3 4 5 6

Classic style

Strict and conservative
1 2 3 4 5 6

Eco Style

Bold and modern

3. Additional options

  • 19 900 $
  • 7 800 $
  • 56 900 $
  • per sqft Total:4 900 $
  • 16 500 $
  • 31 900 $

4. Final estimate

Basic repair in scandinavian style 667450 $
  • Wall color: White
  • Floor color: Natural oak
  • Type of flooring: Laminate
Additional work 0 $
    Additional options 0 $
      667450 $

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      • Scandinavian style

      • White walls

      • Floor color natural oak